Julie was incredibly EASY TO WORK WITH. She was more of a PARTNER in the process than any artist I’ve worked with over the years. Not only was she able to create a fantastic VO, she gave us input that shaped the tone of our overall campaign. Her technical knowledge, professionalism, endless patience and incredible work ethic led us to select her as the VOICE OF OUR BRAND, Inspired Start. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.
— Jessica Deckinger, CMO, Adeo Health Science
You have an incredible instrument, TAKE DIRECTION SO WELL, and really just get it. You gave me so many great choices!
— Tim Fowler, Sound Asylum
Thank you for the super FAST TURNAROUND You make my life EASY!
— Dwain Smart, Hanna Advertising
Julie has an ENERGETIC and bubbly, yet SOPHISTICATED voice— great for a read that needs that right mix of YOUTHFULNESS and ELEGANCE. Julie is WILLING to work with the creatives to deliver what is required for the project, and will definitely do her BEST. She rocks!
— Terence Chan, Head Producer, Neon Sound
Julie is really EASY TO WORK WITH. She’s very friendly, approachable, and COLLABORATIVE. We have comfortable conversations and share ideas that increase the quality of the final product. Julie is CREATIVE and SPONTANEOUS, and takes the initiative if clients get stumped. She offers alternatives, or comes up with suggestions to move the session forward. Her voice is very FRIENDLY and CONVERSATIONAL. SOPHISTICATED, but not cold.
Overall, if it’s a project that I envision her in, it has to be Julie Slack.
— GQ Fu, Audio Engineer/Music Producer, CERB3RUS
Julie has phenomenal TECHNIQUE and natural skills. She is able to truly allow herself to be present, which enables her to follow the lead of the other actors while ADAPTING and adjusting her own contributions skillfully. She CAPTIVATES her audience with her ATTENTION TO DETAIL, COMMITMENT to character, and uniquely AUTHENTIC ideas. She oozes with talent yet presents herself modestly, always eager to learn, to grow, and to improve. She is a wonderful improv teammate, providing warmth and support to her teammates on and off stage. She is also an extremely kind and warm human with whom it is easy to feel comfortable.
— Robyn V. Cassel, Ph.D, Improv Instructor, Sick Puppies Comedy
RESPONSIVE and PROFESSIONAL, Julie is so EASY TO WORK WITH, and always brings great and POSITIVE energy with her into the studio. Julie’s voice has a great RANGE - she can sound youthful or sophisticated, SENSUAL or energetic, depending on the brief. Her voice sounds EFFORTLESSLY PLEASING to the ear. She also takes direction really well. The best!
— Michelle Tsao, Producer, Neon Sound
Julie is a pleasure to work with. She is highly ACCOMMODATING and extremely RESPONSIVE. She has a really VERSATILE RANGE and her TURNAROUND TIME is always impressive - she has saved many of our projects that have challenging timelines. She is really COLLABORATIVE and EASY TO WORK WITH - and we are international clients. We find ourselves coming back to her again and again.
— Jun Yi Lee, Producer/Director, Big 3 Media
What I value the most about working with Julie is the professionalism she shows in her delivery, and her responsiveness in order to meet our production needs. That MAKES A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THIS INDUSTRY, and that is a huge reason why I continue to hire her. Creatively and professionally - she is able to provide different VARIATIONS in a timely fashion. She is ENTHUSIASTIC and very PROFESSIONAL!
— Xian Yang Tan, Producer, Big 3 Media