Want to know more about my Voiceover and On-Camera Career?  Watch The Story of a Storyteller below.  

Check out who's #GoneSlack!  

The "Conversational Read" is one of the most challenging to perform as a Voiceover talent, but it is increasingly becoming one of the most requested. Consumers want authenticity, and brands want to connect with their consumers. Because of my on-camera acting experience and expertise, this type of read is one of my specialties. Thank you to Capital One for having #GoneSlack!

On the other side of the Voiceover spectrum... this Cosmetic/Beauty spot from a series of commercials I did for the Olay Eyes campaign showcases a sexy, textured, confident style that I just love to perform.  

Did you say you wanted to hear Friendly and Warm? So did Carnival!

Or was it Network Promo... because this is a fun one from the Lifetime Network.  

Julie was incredibly easy to work with. She was more of a partner in the process than any artist I’ve worked with over the years. Not only was she able to create a fantastic VO, she gave us input that shaped the tone of our overall campaign. Her technical knowledge, professionalism, endless patience and incredible work ethic led us to select her as the voice of our brand, Inspired Start. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.
— Jessica Deckinger, Chief Marketing Officer at Adeo Health Science

646-246-9967  julie@julieslack.com