A collaborative artist like Julie is driven to elevate your brand.  

Julie instinctively and technically knows how to bring out the best in your words, your story, and your vision so that your message resonates with your core consumers.  

And those who have partnered with Julie will tell you that once you’ve worked with her, you'll always go back to her.  


Julie is a pleasure to work with. She is highly accommodating and extremely responsive. She has a really versatile range. She is really collaborative and easy to work with. We find ourselves coming back to her again and again.
— JunYi Lee, Producer/Director
Julie was incredible to work with. Every time I came running at her with changes and requests, she took them with a smile and expressed no concerns. This definitely put me at ease and gave me 100% confidence in her. The clients were extremely happy with her performance. She’s a true pro and rockstar.
— Shane Harrison, Producer
Julie is really easy to work with. She’s very friendly, approachable, and collaborative. We have comfortable conversations and share ideas that increase the quality of the production. Julie is creative and spontaneous, and takes the initiative to offer alternatives or offer suggestions if the clients get stumped. Overall, if it’s a project that I envision her in, it has to be Julie.
— GQ Fu, Audio Engineer/Music Producer
Julie has phenomenal technique and natural skills. She captivates with her attention to detail, commitment to character, and unique authenticity.
— Robyn V. Cassel, Ph.d, Improv Comedy Instructor